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Impacts on Users
Beginning in 2011 and continuing into late 2012, traffic impacts related to the replacement of the 9th Street Bridge NE combined with the rehabilitation for the New York Avenue Bridge NE, including lane closures and traffic shifts, may cause delays of 15 to 30 minutes during peak construction periods (see Project Phasing Plan).
Some of the anticipated impacts on the traveling public include:
Reduced Road Capacity
  • During peak construction, up to two lanes of New York Avenue NE will be taken out of service. However, at least four lanes will be maintained at all times (two in each direction).
Closures and Changing Traffic Patterns
  • Patterns may shift for morning and evening commutes.
  • Periodically, lanes will split and traffic will be routed around barriers along New York Avenue NE near the construction projects.
  • Approach and exit ramps for the 9th Street Bridge will be closed during portions of construction.
Shorter Merging Distances
  • During construction, closed lanes will create shorter distances to change lanes and turn onto side roads.
Pedestrians & Cyclists
  • Impacts may include sidewalk and bike lane closures and detours.
  • For more information about pedestrian detours, please see the Pedestrian Detour page.


What Commuters Can Do
Adjust Work Schedules
  • Use flex-time or compressed work weeks.
Take Rail or Transit
  • Avoid highway congestion by taking Metrorail or the MARC train. Visit to assist with trip planning.
Use Another Route (See NY Ave Alternate Routes - PDF)
Viable alternate routes for vehicular commuters and a pedestrian detour have been identified.
o    Option 1: Montana Avenue to Rhode Island Avenue to North Capitol Street
o    Option 2: West Virginia Avenue to Florida Avenue
o    Option 3: South Dakota Avenue to Rhode Island Avenue to North Capitol Street
o    Option 4: I-295 to two potential exits: Benning Road or East Capitol Street